First things first…

I am no different than most of you. I do not want to spend a ton of money on expensive creams and/or false promises. I also do not want a 7 step skin care routine morning and evening.  I want good affordable result oriented skin care products. And I want to use only a few products. I will spend good money on at least one or two good products if I know it will produce the results I want. But just like a consumer, I would not want to waste money and feel duped by claims that do not deliver.

What I have learned through many years of being an Esthetician, is what products I do need and want, and which kinds of products are just fluff and/or flash in the pan trends. And trust me, there is a lot of bullshit out there. I know it can be frustrating and confusing for the consumer. But after studying cosmetic formulation and ingredients for years I notice that most of the trends that come and go in skin care do not stick around. You never need to spend 100.00 bucks or more on a moisturizer. That La Mer creme that someone spends 250 hundred bucks is a nice cream, but probably worth about 15 bucks. Estheticians facepalm whenever they hear that brand. You just bought expensive marketing and imaginary status.

I can teach you the shortcuts I have learned and the ways to keep your skin looking healthy and young even if you suck at skin care (or simply do not know the first thing about it) and don’t want to (or just cannot) spend a ton of money.  Some things really are worth investing in when it comes to your skin and most things are not.

The truth is… It’s an industry. It is an industry that makes money off of people’s insecurities a lot and that pisses me off. You already are perfectly beautiful in my opinion. Aging is natural and normal in my opinion. So if you cannot accept those basic things, either this is the wrong blog for you, or the right one if you aspire to feel that way.

While aging is normal and imperfections are what they are (human), I can relate to wishing things looked a little different. We all have at least a modicum of vanity. A modicum of vanity is fine! I call that healthy narcissism.  It is unhealthy when it becomes an obsession or a way to try to fix the outsides so we don’t have to deal with our insides. And by that I mean psychologically. I have a psychology background so always (for me) the mind is involved in any skin/body/psyche manifestation.  As far as food/nutrition is concerned that is not my forte so you won’t get that advice here. We all know what we are supposed to do there and I will let someone else lecture you about that stuff if you need it. I simply have no interest in speaking to that. I mean no disrespect to the skin/gut/mind connection and the professionals that address that, I am just saying that is not what I talk about, it is not what I was trained to talk about so I do not.

So I will finish by saying, make some peace with how you look today no matter what condition you are in because, quite frankly, it all begins with a little self love and acceptance before any REAL lasting change happens. In my next blog entry I plan to start to go over the basics of skin care for those of you who simply were never taught, want a different perspective, or a refresher course.


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