Toners. Do you need them???

What is the point of that liquidy annoying step?  Is it just something we all think we are supposed to do?

Beautiful young woman removing her make up.

My opinion? Honestly? Yup. Skip it. Most toners have a base alcohol or witch hazel that is too stripping and filled with stuff you don’t need to do. Again those of us who grew up in the 80’s loved our “sea breeze” and that menthol stingy tight feeling of clean. Again, we don’t need this and it is upsetting to the skin balance.  As my first Russian mentor who came from a “4-generation-of-estheticians” family, (picture Red from Orange is the New Black) would say in her thick accent “Toners? Hmph. Waste of time.”

My second mentor (Slovenian) tried to convinced me cleansers and toners are like husband and wife and they should always be together. Meh. I ultimately do not agree. Although no disrespect meant to her, because she is fabulous and I learned a ton of other valuable things about European skin care from her. But, sometimes husbands and wives need to break up and some people are gay and some folks do not need a mate. I tend to agree with my first mentor (Disclaimer: I am a little Russian too by background, so the attitude might fit better with me) toners are a waste of time. Unless you are mindfully picking one that is a great addition to your routine and you know what it is for.  There are hydrating toners, pH balancing toners, and nutrient rich toners which are a bonus step that you could opt to use. But if you get a pH balanced cleanser there  is no urgent need. Although, it is nice to have a bottle of witch hazel on hand for an occasional wipe down of greasy skin or spot treat a breakout on the cheap!

The entire reason for toner is because of what I mentioned in the first installment about how cleaning actually throws off the skin’s natural pH balance. So It really depends on what cleanser you are using of you need a toner or not.  But usually this is also a step you can save time and money on.

Next up… Exfoliation.  And yes it is important, but the how much and how often matters…


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