Serums. What are they and do you need them?

It is okay to admit if you have no idea what a serum is and what they are for. Before I got into the skin care business I had no idea either.

Serum’s are an extra step in skin care that goes after cleansing and before moisturizer. It is usually lighter weight than a moisturizer.  In skin care the rule of thumb is thinnest to thickest when it comes to layering products. Serum’s usually have less ingredients than moisturizer and hence are more strong and targeted at delivering power ingredients.

Usually a serum is a step I suggest to up your game so to speak in skin care because most people already cleanse and moisture. Cleansing gets of dirt, oils and moisturizers, well, moisturize.  Serums are where you get to start really being good at taking care of your skin proactively.

I suggest a Vitamin C serum during the day.  Skin Ceuticals has practically cornered the market with the best science for delivering Vit C to the skin so if you can afford it I highly suggest you drop your cash there, if you want to spend some well spent money.

At night one could use a retinol if they want to start reversing lines and wrinkles but that is not for the beginner, and requires a whole other blog entry.

I really like serums with hyaluronic acid, which is why I make one with it.  Hyaluronic holds 1000 times the weight of a water molecule.  It is silky and the skin drinks it right up and plumps the skin from within.  So it doesn’t sit on top of the skin, rather it penetrates into the skin.  It is a very different feeling from a moisturizer and yet does a better job at hydration the skin.

Girl applying eye serumSo the answer is yes, you need a serum, and it is the one place you cannot skimp in skin care if you want to improve your skin.


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