Anti-Aging Cremes

Blah. My least favorite topic. Many women come to me asking for an anti-aging moisturizer. Moisturizers simply moisturize. While there is some truth to a supple skin will age a little slower than dry skin, most are not going to “anti-age” you.

It is quite a racket. I walked through Sephora with my mom the other day trying to find her a decent one. I read the ingredients of dozens of these cremes and could find nothing to support the anti-aging claims in the ingredient deck. I am wary. I feel the same way about Department store moisturizers. Epic claims and no real results given what is on deck.

I think the FDA is cracking down on advertising like this, because it is patently unfair to promise things in advertising without real support to back it up. I used to be very cautious to speak about this b/c people can become very attached to their brand name they have used for eons. I am not here to judge anyone (except for any company making big claims that cannot deliver). But what fires me up is how much people are spending on Chanel, Lancome, Clinque etc without knowing better. Even more painful is hearing how much a jar of even drug store cremes are! Oil of Olay is not cheap either these days, nor for that matter are the MLMS of Rodan Fields or Mary Kay (I think they are still around!).

When I figured out how much women were spending on not so good cremes I started to advocate for my clients and friends on what is worth it or not. Granted there are some that are exceptional, but it takes quite a bit of wading through the BS to figure out which ones are worth it.  But very few are in my opinion.

You want something anti-aging? Opt for a daily moisturizer with SPF. Free radicals from the sun cause much of premature aging, and prevention from that is the #1 think you can do to avoid 1 million of units of botox later. A few good ones are Image Prevention Plus spf 30, and Skin Ceuticals sheer physical sunblock. For kids? Badger sunscreen (which you can get a whole foods I think)  wins awards year after year.

What’s your opinion on this? Do you use an anti-aging creme? Are you using a daily spf?  Have a product for me to research for you to give an opinion on? Feel free to ask questions in the comment section!Wooden mortar with herbs and cosmetic cream




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