Prevention is the key

Honestly is is a lot easier to prevent problems in skin than to correct them. I suppose this is true for almost everything in life. However, we cannot always know everything in advance.  I guess that is where learning and/or experience comes in.

You only need to get one pre-cancer skin cancer scare before you take this more seriously.  It is quite serious, and you need to know that. But if melanoma doesn’t scare you, wrinkles might. The very easy and helpful answer to both of these potential problems is… SUNSCREEN.  Yes, every day. Yes, even when it’s cloudy. Yes even if you are just going to the store and back.

I have so much more to say on this topic with my preferences for which types and why, but for now just know the single best thing you can do for your face preventatively is wear some sunscreen every day.  These days it’s quite easy b/c many skin care cremes come with spf 15 or 30 already in them. Also, many foundations also have an SPF in them.

No excuses. Wear it.  Trust me. You will thank me at your 20th or 30th High School Reunion. Sun.


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