My journey started with my wanting to help people. I went to graduate school at CIIS in San Francisco to become a psychotherapist. After a couple years of working in rehabs and institutional settings, I made a career move to study skincare.

After a number of years practicing as an Esthetician I realised it was actually quite a wonderful move.  I recognized I was still on track with helping people, but now the results were tangible.  I have been an Esthetician for over 11 years now. And as the industry grows and changes, my love and passion for skin care grows.  My approach to skincare became more gentle and natural after having a Slovenian mentor who showed me her multi-generational European secrets. Along the way I also discovered aromatherapy, herbs and oils and spent a few years learning the ins and out of the healing properties of plants. I took myself through the anatomy/physiology and organic chemistry to understand their impact.

Inspired by women such as Rhonda Allison and the inventor of Image Skincare, I began to get curious about skin care formulation. I took my knowledge, experience and education and focused for a few years on synthesizing all my varied skill sets and created Bellastré Botanicals and skin care. I am excited to see where the journey takes me next, and delighted you have shared a piece of this with me.

Reneé C. Epstein